How do I verify that everything is backed up?

My source backup is 990 gb and teh backup size is 797gb.

Is this all due to compression? Is there an easy way to verify that everything is backed up?


To be really sure: Restore it to a different location and make a diff.

Compression ratio depends on your data. If you backup photos (jpg) or music (mp3) or video (avi,…) or pdf-document the compressed size will be nearly 100%.

But if you have Word-, Excel-, Powerpoint-Documents, Textfiles, Sourcecodes, HTML-Files,… the compressed file size will be maybe 30-40%.

You have a rate of 80,5%. This seems not uncommon.

It could also be related to deduplication. For example, even if you’re backing up mp3 files that aren’t really compressible, if you happen to have 10 copies of the same song they’ll only take up the space of a single copy in the backup.

If you’re wanting to actually compare file contents then @thommyX is correct, a restore and compare is the “safest” way to go. But if you only want a to see what files have been backed up then you could try using the list or find command from the Advanced “Commandline…” menu.

Usage: find <storage-URL> ["<filename>"] [<options>]

Finds specific files in specific backups. If <filename> is specified, all occurrences of <filename> in the backup are listed. <filename> can contain * and ? as wildcards. File names in [brackets] are interpreted as regular expression. Latest backup is searched by default. If entire path is specified, all available versions of the file are listed. If no <filename> is specified, a list of all available backups is shown.

    Shows what the files looked like at a specific time. Absolute and relative times can be specified.
    Shows what the files looked like in a specific backup. If no version is specified the latest backup (version=0) will be used. If nothing is found, older backups will be searched automatically.
    Reduces the list of files in a backup to those that match the provided string. This is applied before the search is executed. 
    Removes matching files from the list of files in a backup. This is applied before the search is executed. 
Searches in all backup sets, instead of just searching the latest

Thank you both. I probably have a bunch of duplicate picture files. That could be part of the difference.