How do I restore without the backups being deleted?

Hello, im using duplicati to keep backups of a minecraft server world(s) with no encryption locally for 5 days and a second backup is running to save that to backblaze, the only settings I have used are Backup retention is set to 5 days, and Remote volume size is 500mb as the folder is 36gb in size, so the default seemed a bit low.

I have only ever done 1 restore previously just to make sure the backup software worked, when I went through the restore GUI selecting the date, location etc and repairing permissions checking, after the restore finished the backup had vanished! So I only had that restore that I did!

How can I restore but keep the backup aswell?

Hello and welcome!

Restores don’t delete backup versions. Your retention setting of 5 days is a red flag to me. Is Duplicati configured to run backups automatically? If so how often?

The version you restored, was it from a backup version that was over 5 days old?

the retention setting of 5 days is “keep the last 5 days of backups” its a setting to clean up old backups? I dont have space to keep infinite copies…

It runs every day once.

No the version I restored was not from a version that was over 5 days old.

Ok, just to be clear you have it set to:


It will do what it says and delete backup versions that are older than 5 days (it does the pruning operation at the end of a backup job). If that’s what you want there’s no issue with it, but it seems very short to me.

Note that a core feature of Duplicati is deduplication. It can store many backup versions very efficiently. In other words, 5 backup versions doesn’t take 5 times the space of one backup version.

In the web UI you can see your backup job stats. What does it show for Source and Backup?


You can see all the timestamps for your versions by clicking on the backup job to expand options, then clicking the blue “Restore files” link. Click the dropdown to see the version timestamps: