How do I get the status page to reflect an existing backup set that was restored?

As the subject says:

  • Laptop drive died. Great, no problem, I’ve got backups.
  • Reinstalled the OS, (ahem) found a version of Duplicati that didn’t crash on launch
  • Restored from destination

Magically, the duplicati configuration re-appears, although I was pretty annoyed because several scheduled backups immediately and simultaneously kicked off when I really didn’t want them to (I back up photos, for example, with a separate job, and I hadn’t done that restore yet. So now I have a “backup” of an empty photo directory!) Annoying as hell that nobody seems to have thought through through “maybe don’t fire off a whole bunch of backups if our configuration was restored as part of a backup” because there’s no way for a user to prevent this from happening…But I digress.

My main restore finishes and now I have the photo backup and the main backup. The photo backup shows “Last backup blah blah, X backups, Y GB” etc.

The main backup says: Never. This was after performing a partial backup, whereupon Duplicati ‘discovered’ the local database was out of sync and asked to repair (and did.)

How do I get the status of my main backup to show the correct last-backup date, size, count, etc?

Further: why does a cancelled backup appear to not actually update the database? I cancelled a backup, went over to the restore tab…and the partial backup (which uploaded a bunch of archive chunks) doesn’t show up. Does a backup have to fully complete in order to show up?

Why did a backup just complete, but I got 2 warnings, only one of which I can see, which is “Failed to connect: Value cannot be null. Parameter name: targetpath”

Just tried to do a verify via “command line” in the web UI so I could enable full block verification and test more than one (…seriously?) file. “System.FormatException: Input string was not in a correct format.”

head to desk

It still astounds me that there’s basically no way in Duplicati to kick off a full verify - ie “try to retrieve every file in the archives, and make sure they match not only what the database thinks it is, but what’s actually on the client disk.”

And now after a reboot I can’t do another backup because this error pops up:

Access to the path “/Applications/” is denied

When I click on “Show” to see the error, that causes an error:

Failed to connect: Invalid ConnectionString format for parameter “Data Source”

bangs head on desk some more