How can i make scheduler make backup at start system?

In my case i have some PC that need to start backup jobs only in moment when system Windows start, because at night this PC off. How can i do that?

I think using the Windows TaskScheduler is your best bet. There, you’d set up a task to run with the ‘On startup’ trigger to call either duplicati-client directly or duplicati.commandline.exe via a script.

For the record, I’ve not used duplicati-client but from what I’ve read, it sounds like it should do what you need.

These are both command-line tools so if you’re not comfortable at the CLI, you’re either going to learn a lot or look for another solution.

How do I set up Duplicati in Windows Task Scheduler?

Run backup when PC is idle

are some Duplicati-specific guides to start from. Generic Task Scheduler info is available on the Internet.

Using Duplicati from the Command Line.

I and many more can help with command line and general questions. I haven’t set Task Scheduler much, making me glad that @aureliandevel confirmed what I suspected. It’s a very configurable tool. Thanks!

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Just schedule your backup job(s) at an early time (for example every day at 4:00 AM). The built in scheduler will run missed scheduled tasks as soon as possible, which practically means just after the computer is started up.

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@kees-z’s suggestion is probably the easiest way to do it. Note that if you’re running only as tray-icon (so NOT as a service) the backup won’t start until the tray-icon user has logged in.

If your computer is set to auto-login without a password then the backup will start after first power-up the same as if running as a service.