High memory consumption on mono-sgen

This is just happening if the destination is mega.nz, and it is taking 30% RAM that is around 3.6gb, this is not happening if the destination is on google drive.

Both google drive and mega.nz backing-up the same source data and the source is just 5.5gb, also it can back up on google drive on just around 1 to 2 min while on mega it would take 9 to 12 min.

I am able to claim the ram if I restart the duplicati.

Duplicati version: Duplicati -
OS: Fedora 27

Please help, thanks.

As far as I remember mega requires a specific client-side encryption which probably needs some additional resources.

I don’t know if the decryption process is happening in the client-side, cpu consumption is just normal when it is doing the backup.

But I think, it should release the used memory after the backup.

If the problem is just with Mega, then I suggest creating an issue here: