Help with Regex filter

I try to backup the folder c:\data\logseq
My problem is that I would like to exclude data that is stored in folders beneath this that are also named “logseq” , like *c:\data\logseq\work\logseq*

If I define a filter “exclude folder whose names contain = logseq” it doesn’t include anything in the backup, because all of the file match that search.

So I tried excluding files whose full string contains more than one \logseq\ with regex: (\\logseq\\.*\\logseq\\) but it doesn’t seem to work in Duplicati event though it works on

Could someone help? thank you!

(is the a verbose-mode for the regex filter in duplicati, so I can see its results in the log?)

I had to use \w\:\\data\\logseq\\.*\\logseq to get full path matches at


Matches on any of the above folders.


Thank you for your help!