Help with oauth failure

That you’re progressing to a new error is a good sign that the original issue has been resolved (likely by the ca-certificates-mono and cert-sync steps).

I think I saw that you’re running Duplicati 2.0, but can you provide the rest of the version number? I suspect you’re running into something like the issue below, but how to deal with it can vary depending on if you’re using beta or a later canary:

It’s the beta, from the gdebi package for Debian/Ubuntu on the main Duplicati download site. My OS is Linux Mint Mate 18.3. I’ve been using a 50 MB block size on the backup.

Thanks for the details. So the oauth issue seems to be resolved but now you’re seeing the GetResponse Timed Out message.

If I follow correctly you’re setting up a new computer to use a pre-existing (for a year and a half) backup set. (I guess what CrashPlan would have called “adopting”?)

If that’s correct, I expect you’re running into having so many existing backup files that the “see what files are at the destination” call is timing out. Does the timeout error happen about 10 minutes into the backup process or near the end?

Some things to try include:

  • turn on --no-backend-verification (this disables the automatic checking of some of your backup files, so it’s not a good thing to leave on)
  • upgrade to an experimental version so you can try setting the new --http-operation-timeout parameter to something like 20m (it defaults to 10m)