Help unable to restore after a PC crash

So i had Duplicati installed on my device and i have been running successful backups to a Backblaze account. recently my PC crashed and I had to replace my device. I reinstalled the software, and linked it to the same B2 account. Sadly Im unable to see any restore points from the OLD pc… :frowning:
What do I do???

I suppose you don’t save duplicati configuration folder before throw away your installation so you must run the repair button. If you saved this directory you can simply copy it so you don’t spend your time to recreate the local db.

Database management has more information about what @xblitz was mentioning (thanks for help!).

We don’t know how this was done. If it was a manual entry or a job import from saved export, there’s a new local database path assigned, but nothing in it yet. If you moved the old .sqlite files in, it’s different.

If the intent is to recreate the local DB from destination, the Recreate button may be slightly safer than the Repair button. There are some odd cases where stale non-empty DB and Repair can do damage.