Help - stuck in a loop

Recreate database = “No filelists found on the remote destination”

Run now = “The database was attempted repaired, but the repair did not complete. This database may be incomplete and the backup process cannot continue. You may delete the local database and attempt to repair it again.”

Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Let me know if there are specific logs or bug report that I can post if that would be helpful. This is frustrating. This is a local backup that ha previously worked well. In the configuration I changed the destination path, but I think that is all.

When you changed the destination path did you make sure to move all the backup files over to the new distination?

The error indicates that no .dlist files exists on the new backup location. If those files are gone there is no way to recover.

I’m not trying to recover. I transfered all the files to optical media for long term storage. I’ve deleted everything and just want to use the configuration I set up for this backup to create a brand new backup.

Export your config and import it as a new job.

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