Help! Failed backup to external drive filled up my whole harddisk

Hello, i am totally new to duplicati.

I running duplicati on mac, and have tried to make a backup to an external harddrive.

the next morning i saw it failed, and it prompted that the disk was full. then i saw, that on the external harddrive there was no backup at all, however my harddisk is now completely filled.
i cannot seem to find these files of the failed backup that cause my disk to be stuffed now,

i figuered duplicati is maybe not the application for me
and all i want now, is to free up the space that the failed backup has caused my disk to be cluttered.

can anyone help me?
where do i find the backup files?

thank you so much! :exploding_head:

Hello @lotje, welcome to the forum!

Sorry to hear about your disk space issue - can you double check what path shows on step 2 (Destination) of your edit job page?

It should look something like this:

My GUESS is that there’s either a typo or the USB drive didn’t mount as expected causing Duplicati to create it’s backup. On your hard drive.

Also, are you able to copy/paste the failure message? You should be able to get it from the main menu About -> “Show log” tab (be sure to click on the time line to expand the details. It should look something like this: