Handle many jobs

In the meantime I have 22 jobs. And so I realise that the handling of the jobs is annoying.

So I have some suggestions that would make the handling of more then 5-10 jobs easier:

  • It would be great to be able to sort the jobs without export and import of the jsons.
  • Is would also be nice to see the queued jobs (so the next jobs that will come directly after the current running => jobs started with “run now and queued” and jobs in the queue because they are scheduled
  • And also a possibility to say “Pause Duplicati after the current running job” or “Pause Duplicati after stopping the current running job [after upload or immediately]”
  • Deletion of a job is not possible while a job is running. The delete is queued. Why? Edit of a job is not queued. The edit + save is done immediately.
  • Export all configurations (eg. in a ZIP-File) would be very, very great!
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I guess it has something to do with the fact that you can delete the local database and/or the remote files when deleting a backup job.

Yes, that would be handy.

You can get some of that from main menu About -> System Info then scroll down to “System state properties”:

At the moment I see this:

activeTask : {"Item1":18,"Item2":"29"}
schedulerQueueIds : [{"Item1":19,"Item2":"25"}]

So 18, 29, 19 and 25? I do not know which job is 18, 19, 25 or 29. I have 22 jobs so it is not the position in the gui.

I believe it’s the order of creation. Only having 2 jobs myself I forget how hard an ID only is to use.

I’ll see if I can find an easy way to correlate them to job names.