GUI option to shutdown after current backup job

Hi Guys,

is it just me who would be very grateful to have such a (probably rather easy to implement) feature? This is why I’d like this very much:

I’ve set up several backup job (multiple targets) which are scheduled to run frequently at different times and take up to 20 minutes each to complete. This means that there’s a very good chance that one of this backup jobs is currently running whenever I decide to shut down my computer, and in the worst case with another one right waiting in the queue.

I know that Duplicati has some abilities to avoid data corruption due to interrupted backup jobs, but don’t like to do that anyway. So what I’m thinking about is a simple check box (or the like) which is showing on the GUI whenever a backup job is running. Checking this box should cause Duplicati to finish the current backup job, ignore everything which may happen to be in the queue and then gracefully shut down the computer.

The checkbox (or whatever) should be implemented to be configurable all the way until the desicion has to be made: keep going or shut down. So checking the box actually would do nothing at all (besides maybe triggering a warning message), but Duplicati just would have a look whether or not the checkbox is checked after a job is finished.

Not checked: proceed as usual
Checked: ignore the queue (if there is any) and shut down.

Hm. I’d like to hear your opinion on this one :wink:

Thanks for the suggestion. I think I recall seeing similar suggestions on the other side - let Duplicati WAKE a computer in order to do a backup! :slight_smile:

Some things to consider with this sort of feature include:

  • What OTHER things might be running. For example, if you have a Word document with unsaved changes open, what should happen?
  • Should it support “Sleep” or “Hibernate” as well as “Shutdown”?
  • Should it display a message so if the user is still using their computer when the backup completes it doesn’t get shot down from “underneath” them?

It’s annoying questions like that which keep some deceptively simple features from quickly being added. :slight_smile:

Note that you should be able to simulate this using a --run-script-after parameter that calls a script that runs the appropriate shutdown command for the OS you are currently running.

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