GPG or AES encryption

Please can you provide some guidance on selecting GPG or AES encryption?

Are there specific use cases where one is preferred over the other?


I guess it’s mainly a personal thing.

GPG has the advantage that you can keep your private key offline (ie. on paper). If your password that protects you private key has been compromised you can just change that password and don’t need to reencrypt all data.
You only need your public key to encrypt (and anyone can see your key). It’s no problem at all if that key is compromised.

AES has the advantage that it’s symmetric. Same key is used for encryption and decryption.

I don’t know which provides better encryption.

Once you decide, you can only change to another encryption by downloading, decrypting, encrypting and uploading all data (tools not available in Duplicati but python script is in process of being created). Possible but at the expense of a lot of bandwidth…

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