Google Team Drive File Path Settings?

So, I have seen quite few posts here talking about Google team drive (GTD) and so far it looks like experimental support for team drive was added, with an advanced option to enable or disable it.

I am wondering if anyone knows the file path to use when trying to backup to GTD? Say I have a folder in my Team drive called “MyBackups” if I enter that in the backup file path in Duplicati it connects just fine however it says the folder doesn’t exist and ask me to add it. Its as if I need a checkbox to state the path is in a team drive or someway to state the team drive path directly.

Anyone have any idea what this path or path prefix might be?

Side note before anyone asks, I am using Team Drive instead of regular GDrive as my team drive is through a business account and allows unlimited storage whereas my Gdrive is limited to 15GB.

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I’m looking for that information too. did you get any update on this?

Hi @juanheredia, welcome to the forum!

For those interested, this has answered here!