Google Drive error

Good Morning,

I’m having trouble with Google Drive after the last update.

Being a secondary backup already deletes everything on google drive, I have already removed and re-installed the software as well.

It is 48 hours straight to make a 100MB backup and has not yet completed.

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Welcome to Duplicati forums @Antonio_Schneidt. Please, let us know your Duplicati version so people can have a clue on where to start investigating this issue, as I believe you’re using experimental releases.

Você está atualmente executando Duplicati -

I found the mistake.

As the server was already addicted, or was no longer performing backups with google drive, the reason still do not know.

But as a test, I started the service on another server, where I already use duplicatti for backup in storage.

And there it worked.

So the problem is on my server.