Good morning, it doesn't pay attention to the parameters that I put, it encrypts me, I don't want it to encrypt me, I want a name in the backups and neither

Good morning, it doesn’t pay attention to the parameters that I put, it encrypts me, I don’t want it to encrypt me, I want a name in the backups and neither.


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¿podría utilizar un servicio de traducción (gratuito) para publicar su problema, ya que nos proporcionaría algo más fácil de entender? Hay,, y muchos otros.

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This is very unclear.

Which parameters?

Are you maybe talking about the no-encryption option, or possibly the GUI setting on first screen?


If you don’t care to protect backup with encryption, fine, but you still get .zip files not direct copies.

Overview from Duplicati Manual.

Duplicati is not:

  • A file synchronization program.
    Duplicati is a block based backup solution. Files are split up in small chunks of data (blocks), which are optionally encrypted and compressed before they are sent to the backup location. In backup location, Duplicati uploads not original files but files that contain blocks of original files and other necessary data that allows Duplicati to restore stored files to its original form by restoration process. This block based backup system allows features like file versioning and deduplication. If you need to be able to access your files directly from the backup location, you will need file synchronization software, not block based backup software like Duplicati.

The names will all begin with duplicati-, as files are processed, but are not necessarily encrypted.

How the backup process works

If you’re after a file synchronization program, those are pretty easy to find but typically don’t permit a restore to a previous version in case of file loss or damage, unlike backup programs that typically do.

There are some programs that try to achieve both versioning and direct copy at cost of more storage.

If this is what you want and you want ideas, say what your OS and storage are. If not, please explain.

Good morning,

Would the prefilx option be sufficient to name the files?

Good morning, I want to make that backup, without encryption, compressed and with the name you want.
upload it to a local secure ftp I think it uses tls 2, and that it lasts 3 days
a greeting.

What does this mean? As explained, you can use the per-file-name prefix you want.
You can use the folder name you want. You can’t use the original filename or put an
entire backup into a single file, as explained in the article about the backup process.

If that’s not clear, look at backup. Where the file starts with duplicati is your prefix.
After changing folder and prefix names, here is a folder of backup of source file A.txt

If you’re looking to see A.txt somewhere in a name, or a single file, you can’t get that.
Are you on Windows? If so, Cobian Reflector can FTPS and keep original file names.

You prefer to kill it rather than keep it? With Duplicati, versions use very little storage.
For something closer to sync, FreeFileSync might do, and can also do non-Windows.
There is also a bit of versioning support if you want it.

Yes in Windows. System

remains unexplained, so I don’t know what you want. You have a lot of guesses and possible paths.

Okay, let’s try this.

Open the Duplicati GUI, click on “Add backup”, click “Next”.
In Step 1, give the backup job a name this only shows in the Duplicati GUI, change “Encryption” to “No encryption”, click “Next”.
In Step 2, change “Storage Type” to “FTP” and provide the required connection details, click “Next”.
In Step 3, select the folders you want backed up, click “Next”.
In Step 4, set a schedule time if you want the backup to run on it’s own, click “Next”.
In Step 5, change “Backup retention” to “Custom backup retention” with “3d” for the value, for a three day retention, click “Advanced options” then from the option drop down pick “prefix: Remote file prefix”, change the prefix from “duplicait” to whatever you want it to be, click “Save”.

Hope that helps.