Get to Web GUI from nearby machine

It’s driving me mad because I was sure I saw a note stating how to do this, but now I cannot find it.

How do I enable my desktop to see the web UI for the headless server? I am willing to whitelist the desktop’s IP in the server’s config, to make this happen.

OK I’m an ijit. “Allow Remote Access” duh.

Well HELL. I enabled Remote Access and lost my jobs configured?!?!?

Any ideas how to recover? Windows machine running D as a service. I have remote access now but nothing else!

The “remote access” option requires a restart. I think the restart caused the problems.

Duplicati stores the configuration database in %LOCALAPPDATA%Duplicati.
If you change the user that runs Duplicati, you will point to an empty folder, which is what I think happened.

I’m not sure how enabling remote access would change the user account but moving the duplicati-server.sqlite and config.JSON files to the %LOCALAPPDATA%Duplicati folder of whatever account Duplicati is running under should get your settings back.

You might also want to look at specifically setting ‘–webservice-interface=’. I think “enable remote access” sets that to “any” but you might be able to set it to a specific IP range (like your local LAN or admin machines) only.

It’s been running as a service and I did not change that, so the SQLITE fiile is unmoved.

I had to allow port 8200 through Windows Firewall to get the UI to fire up on my desktop.

It was runnign as a service, before and after. The SQLITE file is in ProgramData

So I am not sure how I changed that…?

You can do it with the environment variable Duplicati_HOME, so maybe if you set that variable and restarted, it kicked in?

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Well, i reconstructed it. Not very complex.

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