FTP Failed to Connect (Instantly, every time)

I’ve just starting using Duplicati today and am really impressed. I’ve set up a few different destinations but cannot get FTP to work. After putting in the settings (FTP, ✓ use SSL), and pressing ‘Test connection’, I instantly get this error: “Failed to connect: The remote certificate is invalid according to the validation procedure.” It doesn’t try to connect and wait a bit, it is almost instant after pressing the button.

I’ve tried pressing “Test Connection” while the live log (profiling log level) is running, but nothing is displayed.

The FTP account I’m using was generated by a shared hosting cPanel. I’ve entered ftp.example.com, port 21, with no advanced options checked.

Hi @oldmankit, welcome to the forum!

It looks like you may be trying to use SSL (ftps) to connect to a non-encrypted destination (ftp without an “s”).

Does cPanel offer ftps (or sftp, which is ftp over SSH) options?

Hi @JonMikeIV,

Thanks very much for your reply.

I always confuse ftps and sftp. My cPanel account offers both, but I’m sorry to say that I’ve switched to a different backup software due to an unrelated issue, so I won’t be able to figure out what was going on here.

Thanks again.

No problem - just enjoy the peace of mind provided by knowing you have backups, no matter the source. :slight_smile: