FTP backup fails on home NAS

I have successfully run Duplicati from my (2) Windows PCs to an external drive (thanks for the great software - I write dedup software for EMC/Dell). I am now trying to get it to work using my home NAS (Zyxel 320). Plain FTP failed however the FTP alternative started to work well. My machines each have 200GB - 400GB of data I am backing up however they both fail around the 1/2 point. The logs have not had any real contents so I can’t troubleshoot this very well.

I watch the status on my NAS and it usally is low CPU and memory. I have tried the db repair/recreate/delete options but both machines are in the same state - no db, repair doesn’t work and 1000s of files uploaded onto my NAS that appear unusable.

I have to assume it’s a problem with my NAS as 2 machines fail identically but I am stuck.


Confirm you aren’t trying to back up the two PCs to exactly the same destination. They should be using separate subfolders on your backup target.

Regarding the log, I suggest we start over and watch the Live Log. Reset the backup completely by deleting all the back end files on the NAS and deleting the local database for the job (click your backup job in the web UI, click the blue Database link, then click Delete).

Start the backup job again and watch the Live Log. Go to About -> Show Log -> Live and set the dropdown to Warning. Stay in this tab and when the job fails, report what the top few lines are in the log.

Hi Rod,

Thanks for the quick response.

Yes – I was using 2 different folders – 1 for each computer. I did get it to work by reducing the number of files (I excluded the Windows folder) and it worked. They still each ran for 3-5 hours. I’ll have to assume it is my NAS. I am getting a newer one this week but thanks for the info about the live log.

This all seems like a lot of work on your part. Are you planning on monetizing it at some point? I’ve been developing Dedup SW as an architect for EMC so have experience with DataDomain, Avamar and Networker. If you ever want to talk, I’d be happy to offer my thoughts. I am in California.


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I’m just a fan of Duplicati and a volunteer on the forum, and occasionally get to submit minor improvements to the code. Definitely not one of the primary developers!

I work in enterprise IT and have experience with EMC as well. We used Avamar in the past but now use Commvault. I really like Duplicati for home stuff.

Glad your issue seems to be resolved. I would not back up the Windows or Program folders anyway. Duplicati is really designed to protect user-generated data files. It can’t do a bare metal recovery of an entire system so no point in backing up Windows.

Thanks Rod,

Can you forward my message to one of the Duplicati principals?

Why did you guys move from Avamar to CommVault? Did they look at DD?



They check these forums so may see your thread at some point.

Yeah we had data domain in our environment at one point. Back when we evaluated new enterprise backup platforms, Commvault checked all the boxes for us.