"Found 28 commands but expected 1"?

On - PLEASE implement check mono version before starting a backup (or other process)! - I describe how 100 extra (and invalid) backups were created in less than 24 hours because the Mono version was too old. Then I tried recreating the database, and I got this error message:

" Error while running Lenovo-Ubuntu

Recreated database has missing blocks and 16 broken filelists. Consider using “list-broken-files” and “purge-broken-files” to purge broken data from the remote store and the database. "

So in the Duplicati web user interface I choose ‘Advanced:’ -> ’ Commandline …’ and “list-broken-files”.
I got the following output, which I don’t quite understand what to do with. Can any one help please? Thank you:

Found 28 commands but expected 1, commands:
“/mnt/4AF15A0435E762B4/DataDoc/Mine websteder/”
“/mnt/4AF15A0435E762B4/Downloads Ubuntu/”
“/mnt/4AF15A0435E762B4/Downloads Windows/”
“/mnt/4AF15A0435E762B4/HP Universal Print Driver/”
“/mnt/4AF15A0435E762B4/SugarSync problemer IGEN/”
“/mnt/4AF15A0435E762B4/Wallets og backups fra Home/”
“/mnt/4AF15A0435E762B4/Paragon backups/”
“/mnt/4AF15A0435E762B4/Cd-drev - Genvej.lnk”
Return code: 200

You need to clear the default contents of the “Commandline arguments” box when you select “list-broken-files”. The default contents (your folders selected for backup) are not required for that command.

I think the web UI could be improved in this area to be less confusing.

Thank you!!
I ran the “list-broken-files” command and as expected I received a list of 16 ‘records’, but also the following error. Is that important or can I just ignore it and run the “purge-broken-files” command?

Failed to send message: System.NotImplementedException: The method or operation is not implemented.
=> The method or operation is not implemented.
Return code: 0

OK. I tried the “purge-broken-files” command. That seemed to work. Now ’Verify Files’ and ’Repair Database’ both finishes in 2 minutes without errors. Then I ran an ordinary backup. It took 1.5 hours(!), but finished with only minor warnings, so everything seems to be getting back to normal. :slight_smile: