Found 114 files that are missing from the remote storage, please run repair

Hello, community,

I use Duplicati for the first time ( and wanted to back up some data from a Win7 computer to a NAS. Unfortunately it comes to the same error every time
“Found 114 files that are missing from the remote storage, please run repair”
When I try to repair the database the job gets stuck every time (Imgur: The magic of the Internet)
I have already deleted all data on the NAS and retriggered the backup.
I only selected a part of the data to back it up, unfortunately nothing helped.
What am I doing wrong?

thanks for your help

If you manually delete files from the remote location, Duplicati will miss these files and generate the error message you get.
I guess your best option is to delete all files again from the remote location (DBLOCK, DINDEX and DLIST files) and delete the local database of the backup job (click to expand your backup job, click Database under “Advanced” and click the Delete button).
The next time you run the job, a fresh full backup will be made.

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I think I’ve already done what you’re describing, but I’ve done it again now.
Files deleted from the NAS deleted database and to be on the safe side the complete backup job also deleted.
Result: Found 217 files that are missing from the remote storage, please run repair


any other idea?


no one else has a solution?

Could you please supply more information to help characterize the problem? For example, can you see how many files did make it onto the NAS (look for names containing dlist, dblock, or dindex), or did none of them make it? It sounds like something made it (was it the exact number reported missing?) because you deleted.

Creating a new backup job shows some steps you probably used. What “Storage Type” did you set, and did you click “Test connection”? That’s a good initial test, but there might be others yet to come to test systems.

When does that result occur relative to the start of the backups? At the very start of the initial backup (which seems unlikely because it shouldn’t be missing files while newly empty), at the end of the initial backup, etc.?

The default Duplicati install is as a Tray Icon for that user. Can you confirm that you used default GUI install? Installing as a Windows service is possible too, but takes manual command work and adds some complexity.

Although beta should be doing better than you’re experiencing, I’d note beta is available too.

Is the Duplicati Home screen entry for this job showing Last successful backup: Never? If so that may actually simplify early debug because it won’t be necessary to reset, i.e. does it just keep failing every time?

Please add backup options –log-file=<pathname> and –log-level=Information to see names of missing files, and also the names of files that were sent (look for Put operations). If Put, they should still be around later. Obviously you’re having some sort of disconnect between the Put and the view later (by a List operation).

Hello ts678,

I took some pictures, I hope they give you more information, tell me if something is still missing.
Use Duplicati now - used
The error always comes at the end of the buckup when you expect the bar to be through.

I’m still curious about whether the 114 files reported missing are actually on the NAS. Is there a way to look? Trying a shot-in-the-dark meanwhile, there have been reports of some WebDAV systems requiring the slash separator to be forward slash – sort of makes sense because WebDAV is http. Can you try /Theo or Theo?

“found files that are missing from the remote storage” investigated a reason for unsuccessful backup

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