Fixing a server install

I have installed Duplicati 2 on a server and ran the service install and yet it will not run as a service. The minute the administrator is logged off of the server the service stops. Can someone help me fix this issue?

Hello and welcome!

When you go to the Services MMC, do you see Duplicati in your list?

Check Task Manager, Details tab, and sort by name. What does it show that starts with Duplicati?

In services I see Duplicati service Running Automatic.

There are two entries are three entries in the task manager. Two are called Duplicati and one is called Duplicati Server.


Do you still have the Duplicati.GUI.TrayIcon.exe process running? If so, please open the tray icon and let us know what URL you are taken to.

My guess is that you still have the user mode (TrayIcon) web server running, and that’s where your backups are configured. When you log out, the TrayIcon processes end.

If when opening the tray icon you are taken to localhost:8300, that might confirm my theory. Try also looking at localhost:8200, I bet the server service version is running there. It may or may not have any jobs configured there.

Wow, you were right on the port thing. When I switch to 8200 it is there but there are no jobs. Is there a way to transfer the jobs from the user mode to the server service mode? There is a lot of options setup I do not want to lose.

OK, I did an export and will let it run tonight to see if it works.

Thanks and have a great day

PS. I will have another request about email notifications once I know this is running properly.

Glad you got it working! When you do a service install, you can adjust the TrayIcon shortcut in startup so that it has the --no-hosted-server option. When you do that it will connect to the service mode engine instead of starting up its own. That way you can still have a tray icon. Be careful though, installing a new version via MSI might reset that shortcut.

It sounds like you migrated yourself already, but here’s a good guide on the process that may give you additional pointers: Migrating from User to Service install on Windows - #46 by johnvk

How do I adjust the TrayIcon shortcut for this? I know this sounds basic but it is not in shell:startup and I am not sure where to do this.


Do you see the shortcut in the AllUsers Startup folder?

C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\StartUp

I see it there but I do not know how to add the switches to the target. It does not work with them inside or outside of the quotations.

The quotes are around the exe only, so the option should be placed outside of the quotes:

"C:\Program Files\Duplicati 2\Duplicati.GUI.TrayIcon.exe" --no-hosted-server


I tested this and it seems to work fine. The startup shortcut launches a TrayIcon that connects to the service instance.

Interesting, when I type it in, it says there is no such program, but when I cut and paste if from here to there it simply asked for administrator rights to approve it. Continue and it worked.

Thank you.


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Good to hear!

Remember that if you upgrade by installing a newer MSI package, it may reset this shortcut back to the default (without the --no-hosted-server option). You’ll need to modify it again.