Filter group has incredibly bad performance

Doing a backup over my roughly 30GB, 30’000 profile (all living on a fast SSD) with filter group default excludes takes roughly 12 minutes, at least 80% of which is spent counting files (counter goes up by about 50-100 files per second.

If I kick out filter group default excludes and just a have a bunch of excluded directories otherwise, it goes down to 2-3 minutes, most of which is spent checking backend files (which I guess cannot be avoided given duplicati’s architecture).

It definitely feels like there is something seriously wrong in the filter group code.

Wow. I just removed both System Files and Temporary Files filter groups and it dropped my backup time down from 10 minutes to 2 minutes.

Looks like this is still not fixed one year later in beta!

See my reply to your post in that other thread…