Files dissapeared in wasabi

I configured wasabi and all appear to work fine, but in one of my backups I put the path starting with “/” and I cannot see my files. Wasabi web interface I see files saved with path “duplicati/computer1”, but I cannot see files “/duplicati/computer2”.

Both backups are functional, but I have no idea of where computer2 files are stored.

How can I access them and move to a “visible” place?

It’s possible Wasabi handles files the same way as Google Drive does (as described here):

I haven’t used Wasabi, does it require oauth or some other app specific approval? If so, then you may need to ask their support for helping you move your “/duplicati/computer2” (absolute location) folder to “duplicati/computer2” (relative location).

You don’t need any auth, you just register (there is a one month free plan), create a bucket and create a token to access it. It is a AWS clone (but just for storage).

Another odd thing is that any time I save a backup configuration it advices me to append id to bucket name, but doing so make it stop working (may it be another provider limitation?). Could this warning be removed?

If I’m reading this GitHub history right, it looks like Wasabi was added in Aug. 2017 by @kenkendk so he’d probably be the best to know if this is a particular S3-compatible oddity of Wasabi.

Oh, and thanks for the info on not needing any OAuth.

I solved moving my files using s3cmd; but it would be nice at configuring time and advertisment if you add “/” before the path like the one about prefix (and remove that at least for wasabi where it is not necessary). It should be easier for @kenkendk to implement than me (I have never looked at the code).

My problem is solved, but I have no problem beta-testing it if I can help other people.


Thanks for letting us know what worked for you! I went ahead and flagged you post as the solution.

As far as automatically adding / removing the leading slash, that’s probably programmatically but too hard but it may not be the “right” solution.

For example, some people have asked how to make their backup files NOT show in the general file area. So it might work better if we somehow add tooltips, help, or an alert letting users know when a path choice might result in their backup files ONLY being visible to Duplicati.

We agree it shouldn’t be done automatically, it could also break existing backups.

But a tooltip would be nice.

I don’t know if this only affects Wasabi or other S3 storages.