File timestamps not restored, instead timestamp = current date & time

Hi all,

I’m a new kid on the block here. I’m considering Duplicati in combination with a FTP server as an alternative to Crashplan.

All went well, both for local (HDD folder) and offsite backup (FTP server).

Restoring the files works like a charm either, except for one aspect: the original file & folder timestamps (“date modified” in File Explorer) are, without exception, changed to the current time (i.e. 23-03-2019, 23:14).

So original file timestamps don’t seem to be preserved, which is kind of a bummer to me. To be honest, I looked around in de GUI and the online manual, but could not immediatly find a setting to prevent this.

Any help would be most appreciated!

Mortov Molotov

Hello @MortovMolotov and welcome to the forum!

I’ve always had both the creation and modification dates restored on Windows, which I assume you’re on.
–skip-metadata (which I just tested) causes timestamps to not be backed up. Did you happen to set that? When I tested that, Windows File Explorer showed Date modified and Date created as restore’s time.

Hey @ts678

thanks for your reply. I discovered that the timestamps seem to be corrected after the whole restore has been completed

so false alarm

Mortov Molotov