File names must not contain '\'

I have configured Duplicati to backup files to BackBlaze. I have done that in two computers. One is working fine and fast, but the other, after some seconds I always get the following error:
400 - bad_request: File names must not contain ‘’

I have checked the files and have not find any of them with the “” character.

I’d appreciate any help with this.



The error message is from BackBlaze, which indicates that something sent to BackBlaze is wrong.
What is the path you are trying to store the files at?

Hello Kenkendk.

Thanks for your response.

Well, I contacted BackBlaze first and they told me that I should contact you, I guess that was because I was not using their backup client.

Yesterday a new update notification appeared in Duplicaati and after applying it, the application no longer works. So, I’m unable to tell you the path, but if I remember well, it was writing to a folder that I have created inside a bucket.

Is there a way to copy the file where the Backup plan is stored so I can uninstall Duplicati and install again the version I had befor the update ( so I can do more tests?

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Are you on MacOS ? Then this might explain it:

You can safely uninstall Duplicati. It stores all data in LOCALAPPDATA\Duplicati (~/.config/Duplicati on Linux/MacOS), so install/uninstall does not remove these files.

If you install an older version, make sure to wipe the versions in the updates folder, otherwise Duplicati will attempt to load those instead.

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