File backup order for duplicati

I’m a recent arrival from crashplan. I can’t remember if this was something I read about the way crashplan worked or if it was the way dropbox does its’ syncing, but I thought it was a really good feature and I wonder how duplicati does it.

The feature was that it would prioritise either backing up or syncing of the most recently changed files as it assumed that those were the ones that were most important to you and as you might be currently making a lot of changes to them it ensured you had an older version handy that you could restore to if you needed to.

I wonder how duplicati approaches it, does it just backup in the order it finds new or changed files or does it prioritise them based on the time/date of the change? Has such a feature been considered

It just goes in on-disk order. To implement priority, we would need to add a file monitor, so we know in advance which files are potentially changed.

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No problem. thanks for answering the question so fast @kenkendk