[Feature Request] Help parsing multiple errors

When I entered the wrong remote path (Google Drive) I got an error message that was helpful.
When I entered the wrong passphrase I got an error message that was helpful.
When I did both the error message was not helpful.

Duplicati just worked for me for a couple of years, so I didn’t think about all the setup details, until I got a new computer. I somehow got two passphrases into Lastpass, only one was right. I forgot I changed the destination folder on Google Drive to myConfigurationName3. And so it goes.

I would have had a shorter time of it if I had been told “Your passphrase didn’t work” and “Your backup path ain’t there.”

Some of this is related to what kind of information that the destination (Google Drive in this case) returns. We try to relay whatever information is there, but sometimes there is not good information.

I am however putting the last touches on a change to all error messages and log messages, which includes an ID for each known error. The idea is that we can present better information to the user, if we know exactly (programatically speaking) what error occured.