Feature request: canary for other target: Asustor NAS


I am using Asustor NAS systems and I have installed the version via the Asustor App center.

How to get the canary on the NAS?

I need an APK package (Not Android!).
Please a look here:

Cyril Pawelko provides some information there to create such a package.

Thank you very much in advance!


Am I reading the link correctly that Cyril Pawelko has already created an Asustor package but it’s for an older version of Duplicati than what you want to use?

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Hi JonMike,

I got an email reply from Cyril Pawelko:

The process can easily be automated, since it just consists to organize the duplicati files (available in a .zip release) to comply with asustor rules, along with some “control” files. No compilation is required.

I’ve already created a build script and published it on duplicati/asustor-packaging at master · cyrilpawelko/duplicati · GitHub
I submitted it to Kenneth Skovhede one year ago, but without feedback.
This repository is now out of date, but I can update it necessary.

Note that the autoupdater works with my asustor package, so I does not really matter if it is a bit old.

That is all information I have about it.

Best regards,

So, if Cyril ir right, you basically can upgrade from within your current release to the latest canary. Just update your update channel to canary.

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Hi Wim,

thanks! That confirms what I thought too.
But does not work;
Changed to update channt Canary.

  • Restart duplicati -> no update
  • “Check for updates” in “About” -> no update
  • Complete reboot of NAS -> “Check for updates” in “About” -> no update

Best regards,

It should work, so maybe we need to look at why it’s not. Though not having access to an Asustor NAS I have no idea how to go about that. :frowning:

It sounds like maybe you could (or ask Cyril Pawelko’s to) submit a second Duplicati package to the Asustor App center that is specifically for the Canary (or Experimental) version…

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I’m the packager of duplicati for asustor.
The problem is solved for IngoM, he simply had to update mono certs as stated on SSL TLS support in Mono · duplicati/duplicati Wiki · GitHub (there was a TLS error in the logs).
I’ve requested asustor that they include a regular update of the certificates in mono.

Since the autoupdater works pretty well in most cases, I don’t create a new package on each duplicati relesase.



Hello @cyrilpawelko, thanks for registering just to comment here - AND for following up with Asustor - AND for the package in the first place! :smiley: :clap:

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Hi Cyril,
thank you the right hint!

Login and type:
sudo /usr/local/AppCentral/mono/bin/cert-sync /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt

It seems, that this needs to done again after a reboot of the NAS.

I will observe further.

Hi Jon,

should this thread maybe get a different subject title, which might help others to find it more easy?

Something like “No updates due to missing certificates in mono”

On the other hand the feature request including the package for Asustor NAS in the build process is not yet fulfilled.

Since it sounds like the reason you couldn’t use the built in update was due to a mono cert issue I’d say it would make sense to move this to support and change the title to something like “Asustor NAS update fails”.

As far as the request for a Canary specific Asustor package it sounds like the “right” way to do that is how Cyril did it (which I think means submit it to their app center). Not that I’m saying this will happen, but if an Asustor package was available from the Duplicati download page could you even use it or do you HAVE to install from their app center?

Though personally I think it’s less confusing to have a single package source (the current app center package) and figure out why the internal updater isn’t working (which it sounds like you’ve done).

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Ok, I will open (and close) another thread.

I could use both ways. Time will show, how often Asustor updates the package in the App Center.

OK, though that wasn’t necessary as we (or you, I think) could have edited the title and category of this thread.


I believe that an official package, built by the duplicati team is a good idea.
Based on the mails I received and on the “official” thread about this package, it appears that :

  • I’m an unknown, and possibly not reliable, packager
  • People can be disappointed to have an old version to install
  • The install/upgrade path is simpler and clearer

I build this package for my own usage and decided to share it. It took me a certain amount of time to create, update, manage, help people with issues not related with asustor packaging. I’m glad to do this, but I think that the duplicati team should build this package.
It then could be submitted on asustor app portal on major releases.

Regards, and thanks again for this great piece of code :slight_smile:


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You’re participating and contributing, with Open Source doesn’t that make you part of the team? :smiley:

While “old” it’s also still the newest of the most stable release channel.

I know I could look but I’m lazy - are Asustor apps pre-packaged code (so yours will always be or more dynamic (like Docker that can download / unzip the latest version)?

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