Fastest way to start over?

I get lots of weird errors; I was trying to start a clean backup but even that is not working.

purge broken gives:

Found 5 commands but expected 1, commands: “s3s://tdqtoxehjljs_fqkihih-backup/?” “C:\Users\jenge\Pictures” “C:\Users\jenge\Documents” “C:\Users\jenge\SourceCode” “C:\Users\jenge\Sites”

Return code: 200

could my config file be bad?

purge all fails because one orphaned file. Does that mean I have one extra file that should not be on the cloud?

Duplicati - running on windows 10 saving to dream objects. I connect to the cloud, I can rebuild database; and verify files. something from the logs:

Expected there to be a temporary fileset for synthetic filelist (16,, but none was found?

The exact file name is different each day. also some days its an index this time it was a block.

Ah ha! The problem was with dreamhost. The old dreamobjects west is closing and I can no longer write to it. I was supposed to be migrating to east. They no longer allow me to write to the old one.

I hope that you have changed your password by now, as it seems to be included plainly in your post.

that account wasn’t working when I posted it. besides the backups is the only thing on there. thanks for going through an old post though.