Failure after beta upgrade

I just upgraded and on some of the backups I got

Failed to execute SQL: SELECT sqlite_version() Error: No space left on device Database is NOT upgraded.

Then when I tell it to run a backup I immediately get

The database disk image is malformed database disk image is malformed

and no backup is done.

What can I do?

can you try to get more free space on your system disk ? An automated update require more disk space I’m afraid (old version is still sticking around)

shows where a database upgrade (such as by this Duplicati) that fails tries to copy back the old one.

Look on your database screen for the job database path. See if there’s same file in a backup version.
File’s name will have the date of its version upgrade, so I suppose it should be around May 28, 2023.
If you find such file, take care of it because possibly it’s the outdated but intact database that you can manually copy back to original location after you make some space available (and leave some extra).


For the ones that managed to backup, the backup copy of the database is already stale due to old info. You can probably delete those once you have some confidence the backup works. This will free space which might let some other backup successfully run. If you want to be more careful, just move backups that seem to have outlasted their usefulness instead of outright deleting. Or get space some other way.

I created a lot of space and substituted the backup sqlite file, but still immediately get “The database disk image is malformed database disk image is malformed”

Is there anything I can do?

Maybe the space ran out while making the backup copy. You can try running database Recreate.

Well I told it to repair and it went straight to recreate. Took about half a day to create a 14GB sqlite file, the corrupted original and backup were only about 4G probably since they were built when there wasn’t enough space.

Thats just the tip of the iceberg. It’s now doing a backup and it looks likes it backing everything up again, which can take a week. I don’t actually see much network traffic, so I thinks it must be just computing and comparing hashs.

It would be great if the update procedure would check the current sqlite file size and check the amount of space left in the filesystem before proceeding with the update. At least the instructions should suggest doing that manually.

I’ll be doing that in the future.

Going slower than expected, may take a few weeks to finish.