Failed to restore files from Duplicati 1.3.4

Great, glad you were able to get it to work!

You may want to look at switching new backups over to Duplicati 2 - it is much improved and under active development.

Yes, great. I have now three back-ups of the files :slight_smile:
I might look into it.

In case someone else ends up in the same place, you do not need .Net Framework 2.0 installed.

The .Net frameworks are generally backwards compatible, so any newer version should do.
The MSI installer package are from another time, and will check for .Net framework 2.0 specifically (there were only 1.1 and 2.0 at the time).
Simply download the .zip package instead and unpack it. Any recent version of Windows defaults to having .Net included, so the .exe should just run.

In case it fails, you can also opt to install Mono on Windows, and run with that, however that might be a bit rough.

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