Failed to connect. The remote server returned an error: (405) Method not allowed

Looking for a little help troubleshooting this error. Trying to backup to WebDav destination hosted on Win10. Browser connection works, but when trying to backup from remote client using Duplicati 2.0 I get this error. Can’t find useful information about which method and how to correct it. Thanks in advance.

You forgot to include the information about the error…

It’s the subject line: Failed to connect. The remote server returned an error: (405) Method not allowed

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That indicates that the server rejects the PROPFIND request, meaning that Webdav is not enabled on the folder you are attempting to use.

Thank you. Two follow ups:

How could I have discovered that for myself? (Teach a man to fish…)

I can reach the folder via https in a browser, after entering credentials. Doesn’t that confirm the folder is properly shared via webDAV?

Good question. I guess you would need to read the WebDAV specs to figure out how it works in order to guess that. But we could catch a 405 and return a better error message, like: It does not appear that the server is configured for WebDAV.

No, because the browser issues a GET request which is standard with webservers. WebDAV needs to perform a PROPFIND request, which is not standard with webservers.

I confirmed the PROPFIND failure with Fiddler4. Now if I can just figure out the trick to get IIS configured properly…

Did you ever get this to work? If so, it might make for a nice #howto entry. :slight_smile:

No, I haven’t had time to come back to this yet. It’s on my to do once life settles down a bit.

Ahh, the “after-life-settles-down” list…I understand. Good luck!