Extract Backup Job Info from Database/Command Line?

I have 11 backup jobs running on 8 different machines, and my users occasionally like to fiddle with the job settings or I update them and forget to extract the settings and store them for backup purposes (yes, I see the irony there :slight_smile:). That being the case, I’d like to be able to extract all the current job configuration from all the systems (ideally from a remote location) for backup storage. Does Duplicati provide a simple way to do this, either from the command line or through some Sqlite-fu?

That’s an interesting question - are you thinking of using --run-script-before to export the backup job to a .json file which is then included in the backup? :crazy_face:

@JonMikelV, not sure what I’m thinking just yet. Just had an idea and searching for possible ways to go about it. Your approach sounds interesting, but that would mean including the “run-before” script on every system. I’ll have to think that one through and do some testing. Thanks!

I suppose you could always make an official request for something like a checkbox to “include current job export on destination with each backup run”…

:+1::+1::+1::+1::+1: 5 thumbs up for this!

Would be cool to have a ‘save’-hook to have custom script run on saving the job definition.
Automatically extracting it and then commit it to a git repo.