Export/extract/download log?

I’ve just swapped a drive in my NAS and would like to see if this affects Duplicati’s performance; is there any way of exporting the log? On disc I can only find two (seemingly random —from 6 and 26 days ago) .json report files, but in the GUI I can see almost a month of log entries…

Are you seeing those .json report files in the temporary directory? They might just be accidental leftovers.

Easiest thing might be to just eye the GUI (or copy text), however if you’re good at SQL the logs are in the backup’s database in the LogData table as “Message”, and DB Browser for SQLite has an Export button. Whether or not it (or something like sqlite3.exe) can get all at once in a manner that you like is a question. You could select the entire Messages column, right-click copy in some way, and try to process all the text.

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Thanks @ts678! For anyone else interested, based on this advice I ended up doing the following:

# cd /volume1/backup/duplicati  [install location on Synology]
sqlite3 ABCDEFGHIJ.sqlite       [random; your name will differ]
sqlite> .mode csv
sqlite> .output log.csv
sqlite> select * from LogData;
sqlite> .output stdout
sqlite> ^D

The log.csv file contains multi-line strings, so you’ll need a proper .csv parser to process it.

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