Expected behaviour of usn-policy on Linux?

What is the expected behaviour of setting --usn-policy=on or --usn-policy=required on Linux?

The documentation is pretty clear that this feature is only supported on Windows, but when I set on or required on a Ubuntu server, I don’t get any error messages which is inconsistent with Setting it to “required” will make Duplicati abort the backup if the USN usage fails..

This might be intentional since the feature doesn’t apply at all, but I thought I’d mention it as the actual behaviour seems to be inconsistent with the actual behaviour.

(Why would I do this? I just copy/pasted a configuration and hadn’t finished cleaning up yet)

On this topic, does Duplicati use inode numbers on Linux? This would be a similar concept to USN on NTFS, and might bring performance benefits if it is not currently implemented.

I think this happens because USN is not currently enabled. There were some issues with USN on Windows, so currently the option does nothing, but I can see that we should probably change it to at least warn that it does nothing.

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Fair enough, that makes sense. Agreed it should be noted that it doesn’t do anything. Thanks for the info, as always.