Errors are not showing in the log


Duplicati is not showing errors in the log.
During todays backup my laptop was disconnected from WiFi (1.07.2020).

Duplicati shows red notification icon in the taskbar correctly.

after clicking OPEN - main window appears, with red notification on bottom “some errors…”

after clicking SHOW - the backup log opens.

  • but in the backup log there is no entry for today’s failed backup process…

    (the warning on the screenshot is from yesterdays backup. there is no entry for today)

I noticed the same for a long time. It seems this indication is a prompt for you to browse all the available locations where Duplicati keeps their log files. Notably in the (quite unintuitive) location under “About > Logfiles” - and not where one would expect them (under General or Remote).
When I looked at the log messages in “About” they didn’t give me a clue as it consists of tons of single line messages. I find it more useful to use the options “log-file” and “log-file-log-level” on step 5 of the configuration, under advanced options. Then you can mull over the messages at least in a normal log file.

This does get annoying… I’m not sure how much is historical. The CLI came first. CLI can’t get to errors saved in About --> Show log --> Stored because those errors are in the GUI server’s DB, not the per-job.

Per-job DB log has results statistics of the operation, but if job fails before a good end, there are no stats.

Viewing the log files of a backup job
Viewing the Duplicati Server Logs are the two spots for useful saved logs, but I think button uses the first.

Single line errors in the GUI frequently expand with details when clicked on.

Log files work well, and reporting options do too in the sense that you get a good look at errors that occur.
You can use reporting to feed third-party monitors such asDuplicati Monitoring and dupReport if you wish.

I did notice this. My reference was actually to the job-specific log under “remote”: All I see there is lots of statements like

  1. Jul. 2020 14:15: put

which expand to another single line


which is of comparable enlightenment to the average user :smirk:

<backup> --> Show log --> Remote has no error messages. It’s just low-level remote operations.
You can’t see the details behind things like upload failures, so it’s not very useful even for experts.

<backup> --> Show log --> General gives non-expandable one-liners but usually needs more info.
That’s when you try to reproduce the problem under About --> Show log --> Live (or set a log file).

Thank you everyone for the answers.
I found the “system” (not job related) logs.

I think, that current system behavior can be considered as a bug.
we can see popup saying “Error happened” and button with label “SHOW”
but when i click it - error doesn’t show at all - instead we can see backup log with no entry for today.

i would love to see something like this: