Error while running repair

2 questions:


  • Error after backup plan ran–>

Found 277 files that are missing from the remote storage, please run repair.
But when I click repair, I don’t think it seems to be doing anything, and yes I’m using Chrome.
How do i resolve this?

2.) Even though I have scheduled all my backup plans for every day at the same time, it seems like they run randomly at any time. Is it doing some kind of real-time backup when modification occurs?

What back end are you using? Do you think anything may have deleted files?

No, it should run according to the schedule. If Duplicati is not running at the time a schedule would kick off a backup, it may run it when Duplicati next starts up. But it doesn’t run jobs automatically on file change events.

no files deleted in the backend- using wasabi!
see attached screenshot

thanks for your prompt help and response- appreciate it.

If you view the contents of your Wasabi bucket on their Web UI, how many files do you see?