Error when cancelling an action

I just stumbled upon an error, but I don’t know where else to mention it. If I’m wrong with it here in the forum, please move it to the appropriate place.

I use Duplicati 1.3.4 and I created a backup for some of my files a few months ago. The backup is saved on a local USB drive. Everything went fine.
For reasons that don’t matter I called the “delete a backup” function in the wizard but cancelled this action. After that cancellation I couldn’t do anything with that backup anymore, I couldn’t run it and I couldn’t get files out of it anymore. It always led to the same error:

It’s in german, it roughly translates to “A previously started delete action could not be finished, however, trying to determine details about that action resulted in the message: A root element is missing.”

Further down the error message it suggests to rename a file called “duplicati-delete.transaction”, but it mentions no directory in which one should look for that file. After a lot of searching (I forgot to search on my USB drive I save the backup to) I did find a file of said name inside the “corrupted” backup directory (of size zero bytes) and after deleting this file the backup worked again.

So, maybe you can put the directory, in which you look for a file in the error message as well. And maybe you can avoid creating files that cause problems, when these files are not necessary.

This was a 2013 release. 1.3.x development has ended. Consider using 2.0, but backup can’t be migrated.