Error when backing up is almost finished

Running this in docker on my unRAID server. I am trying to back up a 200GB image to OneDrive and am getting this error:

One or more errors occurred. (Could not find file “/tmp/dup-2e27523d-44cc-4f90-b6f9-991f4791fc7d” (Could not find file “/tmp/dup-2e27523d-44cc-4f90-b6f9-991f4791fc7d”) (One or more errors occurred. (Specified argument was out of the range of valid values. Parameter name: from)))

I had this working and wanted to start over after I noticed my local cache files not getting deleted. So I removed the docker, deleted the appdata folder and then added it back to start fresh. Now no matter what my settings are, I get the above error at the end of the backup.