Error running backup

I setup a new backup and ran it to test it. (this is to a remote vps).
I get the following errors:

Error while running files
One or more errors occurred.

Looking at the error logs just shows a bunch of the following:

  • Dec 31, 2020 10:29 AM: put


Any suggestions where to look to see what the issue is? The connection works fine and has been tested.

Welcome to the forum @Joel90

Try Home --> About --> Show log --> Stored, and click on any entry from about that time.
<backup> --> Show log tends not to get fatal backup errors, but you could look there too.

If you are possibly having upload problems, you could start with a smaller backup initially.
Having the initial backup done will let you resume future interrupted backups more easily.

You can also look at that job log’s Complete log --> BackendStatistics --> RetryAttempts.
Some retries are normal, but a lot might indicate that you are having some transfer issue.

Using what Storage Type on the Destination screen?

What sort of test? Test connection is very basic. Duplicati.CommandLine.BackendTester.exe is better.
Neither of those stresses a connection as much as a big backup. Any idea how much data went up OK?