Error restoring local backup

I created a backup of my C drive to a local backup drive D. Then I reinstalled Windows on C and afterwards wanted to selectively restore some files. I choose the option to restore from config file and get the following error message:

Failed to fetch path information: Listing prefixes is not supported without a local database, consider using the “repair” option to rebuild the database.

Not sure what this says. I checked the db location in the config file, and it is definitively existing and in the right location.
Any idea? Thanks!

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It is probably also very tiny and without data, unless you copied the old one, and I don’t hear that.

How big is the database? I have one for a tiny backup that’s 200 KB, but smaller is also possible.

Since you have something there, you could click Restore to see if it actually got old backups in it.

It shouldn’t unless you copied your old database or recreated a database again from Destination.


Ordinarily without a database, Repair button rebuilds database, and Recreate is not active (Blue).
Since you have a database. Recreate is needed to delete it (after verifying it’s wrong) then Repair.
Using Repair on an existing database does rearrangements to align the database and destination.

The REPAIR command

Tries to repair the backup. If no local database is found or the database is empty, the database is re-created with data from the storage.

So it’s kind of a two-way single command which the GUI tries to separate into two separate buttons.

Database management also covers the idea, the button, and the other things found on your screen.