Error on backup, no further info

since about a month duplicati (Win 10, at the moment) gets an error with each backup:
“Mindestens ein Fehler ist aufgetreten.” (At least one error occured).
When I click on “show”, it shows the old backups, but not the current. “Remote” shows some ‘put’ commands, but no error either.

I tried to delete and re-generate the database, but the problem persists.

Where can I see what error occurs? How can I fix this?

Thanks for your time.

Now I found an error message:
UNIQUE constraint failed: Remotevolume.Name, Remotevolume.State

Unfortunately, errors may go to several logs, and Show only goes to the list of logs from finished jobs.
Are there relevant errors with suitable timestamps in the server log at About --> Show log --> Stored?

Did this report any issues itself, or was the first sign of continuing trouble in backup as first described?

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OK - I wouldn’t have searched for logs under About…
There were Errors like System.UnauthorizedAccessException on my NAS, so I know where I have to investigate further.
At the moment I have a UNIQUE contraint failed - I will have to rebuild the database again, I think.

But one problem after the other.

Thanks for your hint.