Error Log Shows only "Result" and "Message"

there is a red Popup today "Error(s) affected 1 files"
Clicking on “show” this log is shown:

  1. Nov. 2017 20:17: Result
  2. Nov. 2017 20:17: Message
  3. Nov. 2017 20:17: Message
  4. Nov. 2017 20:16: Message
  5. Nov. 2017 20:17: Result
  6. Nov. 2017 20:17: Message
  7. Nov. 2017 20:17: Message
  8. Nov. 2017 20:17: Message
  9. Nov. 2017 20:17: Result
    How can I find out what file is affected by the error? What does the log mean?


If you click on the individual “Result” and “Message” lines it should open up to show details of the message.

Ups, sorry! I never tried to click on the lines! That is something I should have tried… :slight_smile: Of course that works and I found the error now.


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I was confused by the same thing. Maybe Result and Message could be underlined or something to indicate they can be clicked on.

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