Error in Updater - Latest Beta

I stick with Beta and am running on one server. It has offered me the latest Beta now that it’s out but when I try to install I get a ‘Error in Updater’ and the follwing message:

System.Exception: Invalid file size 184688, expected 15085655 for

Any ideas?

I think I’ve had that happen (but not recently) when my network (generally something in Wi-Fi) was flaky.
Right now, the Duplicati update system is having its own flakiness, but reported symptoms are different.

Could you maybe try an Internet speed test of some sort to see if the download ability is as you expect?

I am having the same issue with solid Internet connectivity.
Error I get is:
System.Exception: Invalid file size 201072, expected 15085655 for
at Duplicati.Library.AutoUpdater.UpdaterManager.DownloadAndUnpackUpdate(UpdateInfo version, Action`1 progress)

Manual download of the file in Chrome gives a Failed - Server problem error.

I usually have to try a series of things, something like those below. Keep going until it works (one hopes).

Disconnect and reconnect Wi-Fi using computer software control.

Restart computer.

Restart router.

Restart cable modem.

Call your Internet Service Provider who will probably want the same, but sometimes it IS their problem…

EDIT: Above assumes the “normal” case runs. It’s different if, for example, you always have weak Wi-FI.