Error in translation (german)

Hi all,

I (luckily*) found a little mistake in the German translation. *The mistake is so serious that I’ve never figured out how to adjust it.

It relates: “your backup” > configuration > edit > options > backup retention > custom backup retention

The error-containing line is BOLD and the smiley cries! (like that, hihi, :cry: )
The corrected line is CURSIVE and the smiley … smiles! (like that, lol, :smiley: )

Enter a retention strategy manually.
Placeholders are D/W/Y for days/weeks/years and U for unlimited.
The syntax is: 7D:1D,4W:1W,36M:1M.
This example keeps one backup for each of the next 7 days,
one for each of the next 4 weeks,
and one for each of the next 36 months.
This can also be written as 1W:1D,1M:1W,3Y:1M.

Geben Sie manuell die Aufbewahrungregeln an.
Platzhalter sind D/W/Y für Tag/Woche/Jahr und U für unbegrenzt.
Die syntax lautet 7D:1D,4W:1W,36M:1M.
Dieses Beispiel erhält eine Sicherung für jeden der nächsten 7 Tage,
jede der nächsten 4 Wochen
und jeden der nächsten 12 Monate. :cry:
Die Eingabe kann auch als 1W:1D,1M:1W,3Y:1M erfolgen.

und jeden der nächsten 36 Monate. :smiley:

You can simply compare with the english text … 3 years = 36 month (german: “3 Jahre = 36 Monate”)

dupli**marc**i :wink:

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Hello @duplimarci, welcome to the forum - and thanks for the heads up on the translation!

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Pull Request for this fix has been created. :slight_smile:

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Nice! Good job, @JonMikelV!

I’m glad to have contributed something to the “big picture” - even if it was just a “tiny piece of the puzzle”. :grinning:

Greetings from Germany.
duplimarci :wink:

Thanks! Though to be honest I edited the wrong thing, but that prompted sfahrenhoz to put in the correct fix. :+1: