End to End Encryption (and other)


i’m new in this forum. I would like to use Duplicati for Backup my data on Microsoft OneDrive.
I have two doubts:

1)if i make an encrypted backup (with AES 256 Encryption) on OneDrive destination, Duplicati will use an End-To-End Encryption to send data from my computer to Cloud?

  1. I have MacOS, i saw that the last version of Duplicati (2.0) is a beta version. It’s safe? Can I use the software safely?

I hope someone can help me. Thank you very much.


Welcome to the forum!

Duplicati encrypts data before it is uploaded. The data remains encrypted on the back end and is never decrypted there. It’s a TNO (trust no one) approach - only you know your encryption key.

It is true that Duplicati currently is considered Beta software. My opinion is that it’s quite reliable. Some choose to use two backup systems just in case one fails.

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Thank you very much!