Encryption query


I wanted to make my backups on a usb flash drive, I am thinking without encrypting the copies or not. does encryption increase a lot the copy space, does it decrease a lot the performance when making the copy if it is encrypted.

Thank you.

Encryption will have some overhead and as such will slow things down but how much is really depends on the hardware (CPU,RAM, Source Drives, Destination Drives, etc…) that’s being used. As for the storage size it will increase by a small amount from adding the encryption headers but it’s generally quite small.

Having encrypted drives is generally seen as a good thing, if there is any possibility of the drive being lost or stolen, anyone that finds it will yes be up a USB drive but won’t easily be able to access your data.

I’d suggest creating two identical backup jobs but set only one of them to have encryption enabled and see how much of an impact it has in your environment. The job logs will show the completion times so you can compare.

You don’t mention if you’re using Windows or not but if you are I would highly suggest using the alternate-destination-markers (with different markers between drives/jobs) and the alternate-target-paths advanced options. Some more info Duplicati - Windows Drive Letters.

Hope this helps.


ok thank you. In principle I will use duplicati on linux but it is good to know this trick for windows.