Enable recovery?

Files and folders restored successfully.
Could we save your data? If so, we would be happy to receive a proper donation. We recommend 10 € for private use.
I donated 10 Euro, how can I activate the recovery?

The intention of the message is to encourage you to donate if your data was restored as expected. It is not a payment to perform a restore,

Duplicati is 100% free to use; no payments required.

If you feel that you were tricked into donating, please send me a PM with the Paypal transaction ID, and I will revert the donation.

Hello @pebe and welcome to the forum!

I didn’t recognize the exact message text, so I went to see what it likely says. Intent was expressed here.

Maybe the message was misread (and is maybe only translated in the GUI version, not CommandLine)?

The donation request can be suppressed using the Settings menu on the main screen, leaving only the:

Your files and folders have been restored successfully.

which is true from Duplicati’s point of view (for whatever was requested), but it sounds like there’s more:

A restore of some sort has already been done, but here is some documentation that explains what to do:

Restoring files from a backup
Restoring files if your Duplicati installation is lost

If that got all that you wanted, great! You can keep on restoring as often as you wish. It’s not a limited trial.

If there’s something going wrong or you need more assistance, possibly opening a new topic will be best.