Empty restore list. Bkp successfully completes

Hi guys,

Anyone ever been through this?
When trying to restore a backup (stored in google drive) I get an empty list, just a root unnamed folder, and nothing under it. Backup completes sucessfully though.

DeletedFiles: 3
DeletedFolders: 0
ModifiedFiles: 58
ExaminedFiles: 74660
OpenedFiles: 96
AddedFiles: 38
SizeOfModifiedFiles: 996712494
SizeOfAddedFiles: 13848581
SizeOfExaminedFiles: 105098509955
SizeOfOpenedFiles: 1045093664
NotProcessedFiles: 0
AddedFolders: 7
TooLargeFiles: 0
FilesWithError: 0
ModifiedFolders: 0
ModifiedSymlinks: 0
AddedSymlinks: 0
DeletedSymlinks: 0
PartialBackup: False
Dryrun: False
MainOperation: Backup
ParsedResult: Success
Version: (
EndTime: 17/01/2020 20:55:14 (1579305314)
BeginTime: 17/01/2020 20:17:16 (1579303036)
Duration: 00:37:58.1052074

“CreatedByVersion”: “”,
“Schedule”: {
“ID”: 1,
“Tags”: [
“Time”: “2019-11-15T20:00:00Z”,
“Repeat”: “1D”,
“LastRun”: “2019-11-14T20:00:00Z”,
“Rule”: “AllowedWeekDays=Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday,Saturday”,
“AllowedDays”: [
“Backup”: {
“ID”: “1”,
“Name”: “CCV”,
“Description”: “”,
“Tags”: ,
“TargetURL”: "googledrive://CCV?authid=
“DBPath”: “C:\Windows\system32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Local\Duplicati\89909065808687898686.sqlite”,
“Sources”: [
“Settings”: [
“Filter”: “”,
“Name”: “encryption-module”,
“Value”: “aes”,
“Argument”: null
“Filter”: “”,
“Name”: “compression-module”,
“Value”: “zip”,
“Argument”: null
“Filter”: “”,
“Name”: “dblock-size”,
“Value”: “100MB”,
“Argument”: null
“Filter”: “”,
“Name”: “passphrase”,
“Value”: “”,
“Argument”: null
“Filter”: “”,
“Name”: “retention-policy”,
“Value”: “1W:1D,4W:1W,12M:1M”,
“Argument”: null
“Filters”: ,
“Metadata”: {
“LastErrorDate”: “20191001T224352Z”,
“LastErrorMessage”: “Found 1518 remote files that are not recorded in local storage, please run repair”,
“LastBackupDate”: “20191114T200000Z”,
“BackupListCount”: “10”,
“TotalQuotaSpace”: “12730302459701”,
“FreeQuotaSpace”: “1735186181941”,
“AssignedQuotaSpace”: “-1”,
“TargetFilesSize”: “93925723914”,
“TargetFilesCount”: “1874”,
“TargetSizeString”: “87,48 GB”,
“SourceFilesSize”: “117962123776”,
“SourceFilesCount”: “64136”,
“SourceSizeString”: “109,86 GB”,
“LastBackupStarted”: “20191114T200000Z”,
“LastBackupFinished”: “20191114T201554Z”,
“LastBackupDuration”: “00:15:54.0565253”
“IsTemporary”: false
“DisplayNames”: {
“\\srv_secretaria\c$\atta\”: “atta”

Welcome to the forum @tarcis

I’m surprised backup isn’t complaining too. It looks like your local database somehow got out of sync with the remote backup files. If the destination files are intact, this can be fixed, but more on that later.

First thing to try is probably direct restore (good to try anyway to try the disaster recovery). Right now you can retype as needed from the backup job, if you forget info. Even better, you have records. You don’t need to restore lots now if you don’t want to, but at least this may show some more restore lists. Actually doing the restore might be faster if you updated to Beta, as it has some relevant fixes.

Google Drive web UI didn’t seem to give me a good way to see how many files are in a folder. Ideally there should be exactly what Duplicati expects, and there should be no files that are not Duplicati files.

Hi ts678, thank you for the warm welcome and reply.

Actually I think the remote files are messed up, because I have the same problem from a different install using just the json file.

I will check the google drive for non duplicati files, but I there is no reason for there to be other files, since I use separate account for the backup.

Just FYI I made another job which is working now, but I wanted to dig into this to learn for future problems.

Kind regards from Brasil.